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    Drainage, lining, and suction prevention material

    By implementing unified forming of the ribbed structure and the lug parts, the drainage function and workability has been improved.

  • OK Silt Fence

    Polluted water diffusion prevention fence

    Avoids polluting water during river and harbor construction work Wide variation of pollution prevention membranes available

  • OK Oil Fence

    Oil spill diffusion prevention fences

    Prevents oil pollution of marine environments Lineup also includes four product types that have received type approval

  • OK Oil Fence BT

    Oil spill diffusion prevention fence for rivers (Bottom tension type)

    Exhibits a diffusion preventing effect even in locations subject to currents

  • Plastic Wood

    Plastic Wood

    Exterior fitting materials

    Matches both natural and urban scenery The natural texture makes it an attractive exterior item.

  • Carbon Fiber Sheets (One-direction, two-direction)

    Fiber sheets for repairing and reinforcing concrete

    High-strength fiber sheets for seismic reinforcement, load resistance strengthening and peeling prevention.

  • Aramid Fiber Sheets

    Aramid Fiber Sheets (one direction, two-direction)

    Fiber sheets for concrete repair and reinforcement

    Pliant and tough non-conducting, non-magnetic fiber sheets with high cutting resistance for use in reinforcement

  • TightLock II TL-410

    TightLock II TL-410

    Post-installed adhesive anchors (cartridge system injection type) “Epoxy acrylate resin”

    Supports use with all types of anchors Cartridge injection type post-installed adhesive anchors

  • Bottle Unit

    Bottle Unit

    Bag materials for bag-type foundation consolidation construction work

    Bag materials for foundation consolidation construction work that have the ability to follow changes in the river bottom, and are able to fit into uneven and irregular parts and gaps.

  • Powerful Unit

    Powerful Unit

    Bag Material for Foot Protection Works

    Net bag material usable for coastal structure protection, foundation works, foot

  • 2t-Bag

    Two-ton Bag

    Weather-resistant Large-size Sandbag

    Weather-resistant Large-size Sandbag, most suitable for disaster prevention stock pile.

  • アデム


    Embankment and ground reinforcement geotextiles

    Practically utilized in various applications The definitive version of embankment and ground-reinforcing geotextiles