Fiber sheets for repairing and reinforcing concrete

One direction Aramid Fiber Sheet

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Railway Technical Research Institute certified construction method Materials for use in the “A&P Seismic Reinforcement Construction Method”

One direction Aramid Fiber Sheet


Flexible and tough non-conductive, non-magnetic and
high cut-resistance reinforcing fiber sheet

The sheets have characteristics including toughness and pliability, and their filaments are resistant to folding. They are affixed to existing concrete materials, and are further strengthened by bonding between the fibers using an impregnating adhesive resin.

Because the organic fibers are non-conducting, there will be no effects due to magnetic fields, and electrical disturbance will not be caused.


  • Due to being non-conducting, the fiber sheets will be ideal for installation in locations where there is concern about electrical accidents, such as railways, subways, and electrical rooms.
  • The fiber sheets have outstanding workability, allowing installation in offices, etc. while residents are still present there without requiring the use of heavy machinery.
  • The outstanding chemical stability makes the fiber sheets ideal for use in repair and reinforcement as salt damage measures and as acid and alkali resistance measures.(Aramid 2)


  • Seismic reinforcement for railway and road bridge piers and structural columns
  • Reinforcement of bridge beams, structural crossbeams and structural slabs
  • Floor slab durability improvement

Standard / specification

Aramid Fiber Sheets(one direction)

Product name Product No. Fiber type Proof stress
Weight per area
Tensile strength
Tensile elasticity
Design thickness


AW40 Aramid1 40 280 2,060
or more
118 0.193 500 50
AW60 60 415 0.286
AW90 90 623 0.43
AW120 120 830 0.572
AT40 Aramid2 40 235 2,400
or more
78 0.169
AT60 60 350 0.252
AT90 90 525 0.378
AT120 120 700 0.504
  • *Other sheet width and length requirement, please contact us.

Stress-strain relation

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