Employee health

MAEDAKOSEN is engaged in health management based on the following objectives and promotion system

Purpose of health management

To expand further business performance and contribute to the safety and security of society, MAEDAKOSEN has been actively participating in the maintenance and promotion of employee health and improving employee performance.

MAEDAKOSEN Health Declaration

MAEDAKOSEN hereby declares to be deeply involved in the mental and physical health promotion and improvement of each employee and will actively support each one of them.

Promotion system

The Chairman and CEO is at the top of promoting health management, and the Health Management Project Team, which consists of members from related departments, is working to implement measures promptly.

Health management goals

In promoting health management, we have set specific numerical targets.

FY2022 health management goals

  1. Zero smokers (smoking rate: 28.9% at the end of December 2017 ⇒ 0% in November 2021 *During working hours)
  2. Regular health checkup / re-examination / treatment required 100% consultation rate (MAEDA KOSEN previous term results: 91.3% in 2021)
  3. Health event participation rate 80% (2021 spring results: 59%, 2021 autumn results: 64%)

Main efforts

Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases

  • Holding health events (twice a year)

Mental measures

  • Establishment of “Minnano mental health counseling room”
  • Introduction of in-house counseling system
  • Stress check inspection rate:99.4% (MAEDAKOSEN in 2021)

Smoking cessation measures

  • No smoking during working hours
  • Regularly check smoking status

Women’s health support

  • Full subsidy for cervical cancer screening and breast cancer screening (40 years old and over)


  • Launch of health support site (dissemination of health information)
  • Holding various seminars
  • Infectious disease control (subsidy for influenza vaccination)
  • Implementation of specified health guidance
  • Regular health checkups rate:99.2% (MAEDAKOSEN in 2021)

* Health management is a registered trademark of the NPO Health Management Study Group.

Certified as an excellent health management company 2022

MAEDAKOSEN CO., LTD. has been certified as an “Excellent health management company 2022” sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This is the 3rd consecutive year of certification.


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