Concerning the use of Investor Relations (IR) information

The IR information published on this website is given for the purpose of supplying financial information and management indexes of MAEDAKOSEN Co., Ltd. (known below as “this company”), and no declaration or assurance is given regarding the contents.

In addition, the publishing of information on this website is not for the purpose of encouraging investment. When actually making investments, please refrain from making investment judgments that rely completely on the information in this website. Please make investment-related decisions based on your own judgment.

Regarding the published information

With regard to the information published on this website, this company pays the utmost care and attention to ensuring its correctness. However, this company will accept no responsibility regardless of the reasons relating to problems caused when there were mistakes in the published information, when data has been tampered with by third parties, or when problems occurred due to downloading data.

About future prospects

Part of the information published on this website includes descriptions relating to future business results. These descriptions do not guarantee the future business results, and include risks and uncertainties. Please note that according to factors such as changes in the business environment, there will be a possibility that the actual business results will be different.

Regarding the operation of this website

This website may suspend or discontinue its operations or may make changes to the contents without prior notice.

Further, there are cases where this website may be unable to be used normally due to the communications environment, the customer’s computer condition, or other reasons. Please note in advance that this company will accept no responsibility for any problems, losses or damage occurring due to these situations.