Pursue “innovation,” which is the essence of manufacturing, and create new markets

Since its founding in 1972, MAEDAKOSEN Co., Ltd. has enlarged its business as a company engaged in the preparation and maintenance of infrastructure (social infrastructure) by manufacturing and selling civil engineering materials in addition to manufacturing, processing and selling industrial materials and nonwoven fabrics which utilize various types of fibers as their raw materials.

Our products, which support the demand for “disaster prevention, security, and safety”, have gained a certain level of recognition in the markets, and as a comprehensive “geosynthetics” business we will contribute to the creation of a safe, secure and bountiful society for everyone in the region and the creation of national land which is more resistant to natural disasters.

In addition, the fundamental identity of MAEDAKOSEN since its establishment has incorporated the “free use of unique wisdom and technology”. This means that the company does not only further improves and refines existing products but also seeks “innovation”, the essence of manufacturing, by combining various manufactured products from its different business fields to create new markets.

We also intend to positively implement mergers and acquisitions going forward to expand business areas and improve business performance.

MAEDAKOSEN is planning to further improve corporate value, and will strive to satisfy the expectations of its customers, everyone in the region and its stockholders.

Chairman and CEO Yukitoshi Maeda

Further social contribution as a front runner for disaster prevention and mitigation products

As a construction material manufacturer that supports Japanese infrastructure, MAEDAKOSEN has continued to grow, featuring a wide range of products, high technology, and proposal-based sales based on them.

In recent years, large-scale natural disasters have occurred frequently over the wide area, and prompt response to “disaster prevention” and “disaster mitigation” is required, so we are proud of our role that the community-based sales system that fully covers the whole country.

We will continue to make full use of the information network nationwide to develop and supply the products required by the site timely.

In addition, as in Japan, overseas, where natural disasters occur frequently, we will utilize the know-how of “disaster prevention” and “disaster mitigation” that we have cultivated in Japan to accelerate global expansion so that people around the world can lead safe lives.

President and COO Takahiro Maeda