Transparent Concrete Peeling Prevention Method (Cleared)

FF-TCC Method V2 type

New Technology Information System (NETIS) Registration Number:KT-190047-A
FF-TCC Method V2 type


With two types of method for the tunnel small piece peeling countermeasure (with weather resistance : V2), it allows visual inspection for verious part of concrete structure after installation.


  • NEXCO Tunnel Construction Management Guidelines Complied Material for Small Concrete Peeling Prevention Method
  • No finishing material required
  • Primer is required.

FF-TCC Method introduction video


Standard / specification

Product name Product No. Packing Remarks
FF PRIMER P-15 10 kg /set 2-component exposy resin
FF SHEET P210 1 m width×50 m/roll High elongation type sheet
FF DYNE D-CU 8 kg /can Urethane transparent adhesive resin


Procedure Product name Product No. Used amount per 1 m2 Term
Substrate treatment After section repair, crack reinforcement, and water sealing injection etc., use Sanding Machine
Primer coating FF PRIMER P-15 0.15kg 1 day
Dyne under coating FF DYNE D-CU 0.3kg
Placing sheet FF SHEET P210 1㎡
Dyne top-coating FF DYNE D-CU 0.2kg

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