Wood plastic composite

Kankyo-wood II

  • Eco Mark Certificate No. 07131002 (80% or more recycled plastic)

It is a long lasting,
but natural wood like textured product.

Kankyo-wood II


Kankyo-wood II is an wood plastic composite (WPC) extruded by blended material of recycled plastics and pulverized wood.

It is a next generation construction material, a new recycled product that would not require any new natural resource consumption.


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  • Corrosion Free : Kankyo-wood II is a mixtured material with plastic and wood, therefore, Is very hard to get rotten, extremely strong against termite and insect attacks.
  • Anti-slipperiness Function : Kankyo-wood II surface is roughened by sand paper and is considered to be safe walking on it. We also have the Kankyo-wood deck with non-slip rubber (Product : upon request basis).
  • Anti-statics Function : All Deck products have anti-statics treated type optlon. They are free from electrlcity attacks caused by plastic material.


Deck, bridge, louver, etc.

Construction example






Standard / specification

Color sample

Dark brown (DB)

Brown (BR)

Light brown (LB)

Basic performace

Quality performance JIS A 5741 conformed t value Kankyo-wood II
Density / specific gravity Real specific gravity 0.8~1.5 1.3
Water absorption Water absorption (%) 10 or less 1
length change(%) 3 or less Length direction: 0.0
Width direction: 0.0
Strength Bending strength (MPa) 20 or more 28
Impact strength (kJ / m2) 0.5 or more 4.9
Heat characteristic Defection temperature under load (°C) 70 or more 78
Weather resistance Tensile strength variability (%) Within -30 15
Tensile strength variability (%) Within 50 32


Quality performance JIS A 5741 conformed t value Kankyo-wood II
Volatile material Formaldehyde (mg / L) Average 0.3 or less, Maximum 0.4 or less Average : 0.1 or less
Maximum : 0.1 or less
Toxic material elution Cadmium (mg / L) 0.01 or less 0.001 or less
Lead (mg / L) 0.01 or less 0.001 or less
Mercury (mg / L) 0.0005 or less 0.00005 or less
Selenium (mg / L) 0.01 or less 0.001 or less
Arsenic (mg / L) 0.01 or less 0.001 or less
Hexavalent chromium (mg / L) 0.05 or less 0.005 or less
  • * The test method JIS A 5741 “Wood / Plastic Recycled Composite Material”.
  • * Above number is test result, not guaranteed.

Product Specifications

Part number Closs-section view Standard dimensions
Standard weight
(kg / piece)
Main applications
MKV03-150×13M MKV03-150×13M 150×13×1,995 4.8 Dressing board
MKV05-200×26M MKV05-200×26M 200×26×2,000 12.9 Deck
* Produced by order
MKV06-145×25M 145×25×1,995 9.2 Deck
* Produced by order
MKV07-145*30M 145×30×1,995 10.8 Deck
* Produced by order
MKV09-60*30S 60×30×2,000 2.2 Louver
* Produced by order
MKV10-90*45S 90×45×2,000 3.8 Louver
* Produced by order
MKV11-90*90S 90×90×2,000 6.0 Louver
MKV13-145×30SL MKV13-145*30SL 145×30×1,995 6.2 Dressing board
MKV14-145×30SS MKV14-145*30SS 145×30×1,995 6.1 Deck
MKV21-145×25SK MKV21-145*25SK 145×25×1,995 5.8 Deck
Dressing board
 MKV22-145×30SK MKV22-145*30SK 145×30×1,995 7.2 Deck
Dressing board
MKV23-145×25SS MKV23-145*25SS 145×25×1,995 5.4 Deck
  • * Louver is required alminum core.

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