Oil-Absorption Sheet

SPLITOP Oil-Absorption Sheet

*This is NOT a Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism type approved product.

SPLITOP Oil-Absorption Sheet


Superior oil absorbing property suitable for
the recovery of oil spills and oil leakage in factories

SPLITOP Oil-Absorption Sheet is a high-performance, long-fiber non-woven fabric made from polypropylene which has lipophilicity and hydrophobicity, and is made through the spunbond method. Since it reduces the spread of oil flows into rivers and the sea, it is suitable to stock for disasters.


  • With its high absorption properties, this sheet can absorb amounts of oil about 10 times its own weight or more
  • Its superior oil-retaining properties decrease drip of absorbed oil.
  • The specific gravity of this sheet is lower than water, so it does not sink.
  • As it is made from polypropylene, no toxic gas generates during incineration.
  • This sheet does not melt even in gasoline or aromatic oil.


  • Clean up of oil out/lowing into rivers or the sea
  • Clean up of oil leakage and prevention of oil scattering in factories
  • Waste cloth for wiping up oil contamination of machines

Standard / specification

Product No. / specification

Product No. Mass (g/m2) Dimension Quantity per carton
Sheet Roll
SP-1100N-ROLL 100 100cm×100m 1 roll
SP-1200N-ROLL 200 100cm×100m 1 roll
SP-1300N-CUT 300 50cm×50cm 50cm×100m Sheet : 100
SP-1300N-ROLL 65cm×65cm 65cm×100m Roll : 1 roll
SP-1400N-CUT 400 50cm×50cm 50cm×50m Sheet : 100
SP-1400N-ROLL 65cm×65cm 65cm×50m Roll : 1 roll

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