Modified asphalt based, High durability protective sheet




“ASGUARD” is a weed preventing sheet which has sandy surface with a special non-woven fabric sandwiched between the modified asphalt at top and bottom. It has high durability and water / light shielding performance, and has a long-term weed control effect.


・Weed control
The resistance of the film and non-woven fabric prevents weeds from penetrating. And, it shuts out the plant growing factors with its high water and light shielding performance.

The modified asphalt material and the sandy surface provide excellent weather resistance.
* Proved for more than 20 years durability with in-house test

Standard / specification

Product name ASGUARD
Product No. ASG-4 ASG-4-GR
Color Gray Green
Thickness (㎜) 4.0
Length (ⅿ) 8.0
Width (mm) 1000 (Wrapping part 100mm)
Mass (g/m2) 4500 or more
Tensile strength (N/cm) Warf 80 or more
Weft 80 or more
Elongation (%) Warf 15 or more
Weft 15 or more
Light shielding rate (%) 100
Water shielding rate No leakage

* Compatible to modified asphalt roofing sheet (JIS A 6013)
* Green type is produced by order

Auxiliary materials

AS Primer AS Bond
No.3 silica sand C-shape end pin Asphalt
Fixing set

[Product No.]
A S G – T S P – 1 5

Room temperature drying type, base treatment material to improve the adhesion between the base and the water shielding layer

[Product No.]
A S G – B O N D – 3 3 0

Sealing material for the upper end of the presser foot, drain, around the accessory, and cracks

[Product No.]
A S G – S A N D – 3

Anchoring, touching up the repaired points, etc

[Product No.]
S P W – P – 2 0 0

Fixing sheet

[Product No.]

Fixing the sheet at slope shoulder


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