Weed Preventing Sheet

GEO FLEECE Weed Preventing Sheet


The spunbonded non-woven fabric sheet
prevents sprouting and growth of weeds

GEO FLEECE Weed Preventing Sheet is non-woven fabric sheet that prevents weeds from sprouting and growing. The tough, randomly crossed fiber structure makes the light-shielded and weak weed sprouts cannot penetrate the sheet. It is a global environment friendly product to prevent weeds without using pesticides


  • Light shielding prevents growing of weeds.
  • Densed fiber structure controlls sprouting weeds.
  • BSN-360M and BSN-850M suppress the penetration of strong weeds such as cogongrass.
  • It has moderate water permeability. (BSN-850M is impermeable type)
  • BSN-060M is compatible with NEXCO standard drawings SMR-E / F and SMM-E / F
  • BSK-150M, 200M, 250M are compatible with NEXCO standard drawings SMR-A / B


  • Road sides, parks / streets, steel towers / solar power generation facilities, railway facilities

Installation example with weed-control washer and U-shaped fixing pin

Standard / specification

Product No. / specification

Weed Preventing Sheet

Product No. BSK series
BSK-100EX BSK-150M BSK-200M BSK-250M
Width (m) 1 or 2
Length (m) 50
Material Polyester
Color Gray Dark green
Mass (g/m²) 100 150 200 250
Thickness (mm) 0.35 0.5 0.5 0.6
Tensile strength
warp × weft
320×220 400×350 430×380 480×500
Light shielding rate (%) 99
Reference life time※2 1 to 3 years 3 to 5 years 5 to 7 years 7 to 10 years
Application Applied  under gravels For exposured
strong weed*1
For exposured
strong weed*1
For exposured
strong weed*1
Note   SMR-A/B*3 SMR-A/B*3 SMR-A/B*3
Product No. BSN series
BSN-200M BSN-060M BSN-360M BSN-850ME
Width (m) 1 or 2
Length (m) 50 20 or 50 10 or 25 20
Material Polyester Polyester / 
Color Green
Mass (g/m²) 200 600 360 850
Thickness (mm) 2.0 4.0 2.0 2.0
Tensile strength
Warf × Weft
130×300 600×900 400×250 630×850
Light shielding rate (%) 99 100
Reference life time*2 3 to 5 years 7 to 12 years 10 to 15 years 20 years
Application For exposed planting For exposed planting For exposured
strong weed*1
For exposured
strong weed*1
Note   SMR-E/F*3    
  • *1 Strong weed : Cogongrass, Japanese pampas grass, horsetail, arrowroot, reed, etc.
  • * 2 Above life times are reference values. It may differ depending on the site conditions. When used under gravels, it shall be semi-permanent.
  • ※3 SMR-A/B、SMR-E/F : NEXCO landscaping facility standard drawing collection compatible

Accessories (Selling separately)

Product name Product No. Dimension Application
Weed prevention washer SG-7203WDF φ80mm Protecting sheet fixation
C-shape end pin SPW-P-200 φ4mm×40mm×200mm long Sheet fixation
(for normal soil)
L-shape anchor pin SG-D10*200 D10mm×200mm long Sheet fixation
(for hard soil)
Adhesive ①SG-BOND-DB-300C
①300ml cartridge
②3㎏ tin
Sheet adhesion to structure
Adhesion of sheet wrapping part
Maintenance tape SPW-N-40-P 10cm×10cm Protecting sheet fixation part
Connection tape ①Fixation tape
(Uses mass 100g/㎡ or less)
②Maintenance tape roll type
(Uses mass 150g/m2 or more, or 250g/m2 or less)
③Multi type tape
(Used mass 360g/ m2 or more)
①100mm×20m (Color : Black)
②100mm×10m (Color : Green)
③100mm×50m (Color : Green)
Sheet adhesion to structure
Adhesion of sheet wrapping part

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