Oil spill diffusion prevention boom for rivers

OK Oil Fence BT

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Type- approved products
OK Oil Fence BT


It has a damming effect
even in places with current.

For oil spill accidents occurring in rivers, the Oil Fence BT is a bottom tension type oil boom that distributes to a diffusion preventing effect even in locations subject to currents.

Previous type
OK Oil Fence BT


  • Because the boom utilizes a structure in which the mooring rope holds the lower edge of the skirt, the skirt will not float up under the effect of currents and the captured oil will be unable to escape.
  • Since the boom does not incorporate weights and is therefore light in weight, it will be possible to easily implement transportation, installation, and removal by a small number of people.


By using a bridge or lead-weighted throwing rope, pass the end of the OK Oil Fence BT across to the opposite bank, and after extending the boom recover the captured oil using oil absorbing mats or oil recovery equipment.

Standard / specification


Product No. Float diameter
(mm)or more
Under  water 
(mm)or more
Length(m) Weight
Packing size
OK-150BT10 150 200 10 12 65×100×35 B Short form/For urgency
OK-150BT20 150 200 20 24 65×100×65 B Short form/For urgency
OK-200BT 200 300 35 85×135×65 F Short form
OK-300BT 300 400 50 115×155×95 F Decree B
  • * Weight and packing dimensions are reference values.
  • -Accessory:Anchoring rope φ12mm×10mL 2pcs Shackle:S-16 2pcs
  • -Customized size and specification products are also available.
  • -Connecting method:B=Nuts and bolts fixing method、F=Fastener fixing method
  • -OK Oil Fence BT and conventional oil boom can be connected (example: OK-200BT and A type、OK-300BT and B type)
  • -A dedicated adapter to increase bottom tensions is also available.
  • -Connect both ends of bottom parts when anchoring

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