Plastic wood

Plastic wood

  • Eco Mark Certificate No. 07131002 (Used recycled plastic more than 70%)
  • Eco Mark Certificate No. 07131003 (Used recycled plastic more than 80% for tables and benchs)

Exterior fitting materials with a natural texture that match both nature and the city.

Plastic wood


These are long-selling products that have both the texture of natural wood and the durability and light weight of plastic. There are planks, posts, and stairs made solely from plastic, and logs and squared timber which have galvanized steel piping in their cores. These can be selected and can match various kinds of design conditions. 

Plastic Wood surface mimicking Japanese chestnut oak trees

Plastic Wood

Plastic Wood (containing steel pipe)

Surface pattern

Plastic wood plank


Staircases, fences, sheets, garden planters, benches and tables, wisteria trellises, information boards and signs, decks, bridges, gazebos, etc.

Standard / specification

The result of the accelerated weathering test using the sunshine weather meter

Basic performace *

  Specific gravity Flexural strength Flexural modulus Coefficient of linear expansion
Unit MPa GPa ×10-5/℃
Plastic Wood 0.96 24.2 1.02 15.5
  • ※ The values in the graphs and the tables are measured values. Not guaranteed values.

Main standard members

Logs φ200 /φ150 /φ120 /φ100 /φ80
Squared timber □150 /□130 /□100
Plate 80t /50t /30t /20t
  • ※Stake and paired-log are also available.

Standard design condition as used for floorboard※

Design load Span Spacing Edge extension Bending Strength Deformation
3.5kN/m2 1000mm or less Approx. 5mm 200mm or less Deflection 1/300 or less
(When uniform loading)
No cracks
  • ※ Customized size and specification products are also available. Please contact for detail.
  • ※ Above value is a standard rate. It may vary according to the actual condition.

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