Confined soil reinforced embankment wall method

ADEAM Geopack Construction Method and ADEAM Geostage Construction Method

New Technology Information System (NETIS) Registration Number:KK-130036-VE
ADEAM Geopack Construction Method and ADEAM Geostage Construction Method


Confined soil wall construction methods to combine embankment material with geogrid.

ADEAM Geostage Construction Method is a confined soil method using geotextiles. It has excellent compressive strength and is effective as a structure or as a foundation work for structures, since it has a layered structure of “sandbags” that roll-up and confine the embankment material with geogrids. Especially in steep terrain, the excavation work can be reduced and the cost also can be reduced as a result.


  • Less excavation than conventional reinforced soil walls
  • Considering the landscape, structure can be greened on the slope 
  • Possible to select the slope gradient and bottom slab width according to the site.
  • Lightweight members give good workability in mountainous areas
  • More economical than traditional concrete structures

Geogrid installation

Geogrid installation 1

Geogrid installation 2

Back side of Geogrid rolling up

Spreading sediment

Rolling compaction


Shoulder reinforcement work

Foot protection work

“Geostage Construction Method” design concept

The stress applied to the filling material in a sandbag

The “sandbag” type reinforced soil method that rolls up the soil has been proved to be an effective method by the research of Professor Matsuoka group of Nagoya Institute of Technology. The principle is that when the sandbag becomes to flatten due to the load, the circumference of the sandbag increases, tension is generated, and the effective stress σ of the soil inside the sandbag increases. We developed a ADEAM Geostage Construction Method using geotextiles based on the analytical formula “two-dimensional sandbag theory” proposed by Professor Matsuoka.

Main materials

ADEAM for Embankment and ground reinforcement geogrid

ADEAM HG type which is the definitive geotextile for embankment and ground reinforcement in various applications is used.


Other application

Client: Kochi Prefecture Susaki Forestry Office ,Construction site : Kitayama Kaina Line 5 construction areas

Client: Kochi Prefecture Aki Forestry Office, Construction site: Egawa Betchaku Line

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