Weather resistant polyester net

ECO Rockfall Net

ECO Rockfall Net


Life cycle cost can be reduced by
Cover-type rockfall prevention net made by fiber

Since ECO Rockfall Net uses polyester fiber with excellent weather resistance, it can reduce the maintenance work such as replacement, compared to conventional synthetic fiber nets and reduce life cycle costs. It prevents stones, sediment and gravel from scattering caused by surface slippage on heavy weathered natural slopes and cut surfaces.


  • The polyester fiber with excellent weather resistance can reduce the life cycle cost.
  • The lightweight member can greatly reduce the work load on slopes. And it is easy and portable since the net can be folded into a small size.
  • It has a Raschel net structure, and even if one cut occurs, the netting will not be loosen any more.
  • No rust corrosion due to the chemical fibers

Materials used

Installation procedure

Standard / specification

Product No. / Standard

Product No. Width (m) Length (m) Mesh (mm) Net string tensile strength (N/string) Net string elongation (%)
NE-40-BKP 10*15 10 15 25 68 or more 40 or under
NE-40-BKP 10*5 10 5

Weather resistance test

The ECO rockfall Net has a tensile strength retention rate of about 65% even after 7500 hours irradiation with a sunshine weather meter (equivalent to 30 years).

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