FRP net material for peeling prevention


New Technology Information System (NETIS) Registration Number:KT-190006-A


Thin and high rigid net fits on the frame surface and can prevent concrete peeling.

HARD MESH is a grid material integrated FRP structure and glass mesh for preventing small concrete piece peeling in a tunnel. By fixing it to the surface of the tunnel lining, small concrete pieces are prevented from peeling off.


  • It has outstanding stiffness even thin because FRP structure is made of carbon fiber grid.
  • Integrated glass mesh prevents small concrete piece peeling.
  • Since specialized washer and expansion anchor are used for fixing HARD MESH, it is possible to check the frame near the anchor after installation.

HM Specialized washer

Fixing method

  • Make sure to use specialized washers and expansion anchors to fix HARD MESH.
  • The standard fixed pitch of HARD MESH is 500mm.
  • Install the joints by overlapping one square.


  • Be sure to strictly observe the hole diameter of the expansion anchor. It affects anchor strength. Note the case of shallow hole is the same.
  • Tighten the nut with the recommended torque value.
  • Wear gloves in handling because the end of the grid and special washer are sharp.

Standard / specification



Product No Cross-section area
Tensile strength
Tensile elasticity
Tensile stress
Tensile stiffness
HM-C11 11.1 1,200 95 13.3 1,054 50×50

Expansion anchor

Product No Dimensions
Material Hole diameter Hole depth Recommended torque value Remarks
MS-670LN M6×70
(overall length)
SUS304 6.4mm 65mm
or more
8 to 10N*m With lock nut

HM dedicated washer

Part number dimensions
Material Remarks
HM-W75*1.5 75×75×1.5t SUS304 with opening
  • * For expansion anchors, consult us if the length have to be changed due to the depth of hole.
  • * Packing … Expansion anchor: 100 pcs. / box, HM washer : 100 pcs. / box


Measures against peeling Performance Fire spread and selfextinguishing properties Generated gas safety
Pull-out performance (Net-type / Saddle-type Construction Method) Result  Fire spread range Specimen left-right direction 230mm Mouse action stop time:
Load displacement At load 0.5 kN 44.6mm Top direction of specimen 185mm
Fire spread time Burning time 10minutes
Fire spread time 0second
  • *According to the NEXCO test method (Pullout performance test method 737-2011, Fire spreadability / Self-extinguishing test 738-2011).
  • *A test method that confirms that “no fumes or gases harmful to evacuation are generated” in the Building Standard Law for the safety of generated gas.

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