Oil spill diffusion prevention booms

OK Oil Fence

  • Act on Prevention of Marine Pollution and Maritime Disaster Conforming product
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Type- approved products
OK Oil Fence


Prevent oil pollution in the marine environment
Lineups added 4 types of MLIT approved model

OK Oil Fence are available as a wide lineup of products including the Decree A types (OK-200M) and the Decree B types (OK-300L/OK-300M/OK-300AIR) which have received type-approval from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, as well as products for emergency use and for permanent installation. They have good wave-following ability due to the utilization of round-shaped floats. The connection parts utilize fasteners and shackles that comply with the standards of the JIS Standards Association (F9900-2).

Main installation locations

Oil storage facilities including oil depots and oil terminals, harbors and coastlines adjacent to tankers and tanker mooring facilities, sites where oil spills have occurred due to accidents, etc.


Decree A type / B type

Connection method of OK Oil Fence

Connection method of OK Oil Fence

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Standard / specification

Product No.

Float diameter
or more

Under the water surface
Package size
Connection method Usage
OK-100-M 100 200 20 22 55×70×40 B Short form・For urgency
OK-100S 100 200 23 55×70×40 B
OK-150 150 300 38 65×100×65 B
OK-200M 200 300 60 110×85×85 F Decree A
OK-300M 300 400 72 115×150×95 F Decree B
Item produced by order
OK-300L 300 400 20 82 125×120×95 F Decree B type
Inflatable type OK-300AIR 300 400 70 70×120×30 F
OK-400 400 500 150   B Permanent installation type
OK-450 450 700 200   F Conformed C
OK-600 600 800 240   F Conformed D
  • *Connection method:B=Bolts fixing method,F=Fastner fixing method
  • *OK-100、OK-100S float size 50mm width×100mm height×550mm length
  • * OK-300L has a protective belt on the side of the float as a measure to prevent the float from wearing.
  • * Weight and packing dimensions are reference values.
  • * Customized size and specification products are also available.

OK Oil Fence strength (Decree A type, B type)

Type Type No. Product No. Tensile strength (Main body cloth) Tensile strength(Tension belt) Measuring method
JIS standard value
MDK control value
JIS standard value
MDK control value
A type
No.P-622 OK-200M 294 450

or more
(In case of 1pc.)

or more
(In case of 2pcs.)

50X1pc. JIS F
B type
No.P-370 OK-300L
No.P-634 OK-300AIR 300
NO.P-611 OK-300M 450
No.P-612 OK-300BT 50X2pcs

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