Geotextile for embankment and ground reinforcement

ADEAM (F type)

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  • Obtained Construction technology examination certificate: No. 0119
New Technology Information System (NETIS) Registration Number:KK-980079-VE (End of publication period)
2014 Utilization Promotion Technology (New Technology Utilization Evaluation Conference )
ADEAM (F type)


The definite geotextile for embankment and ground reinforcement in various applications

ADEAM is a high-strength, low-elongation, low-creep strain geotextile made from aramid fiber (Technora®), made in two types of HG type and F type.
ADEAM F type is a flexible woven fabric base type, with a special resin coating on a grid-style woven fabric made by interweaving polyester fibers and aramid fibers. Suitable for reinforcement of high embankment on gentle slopes, embankment reinforcement on soft ground and soft ground surface treatment work, etc.


  • High strength and low elongation characteristics enables to confine the soil, and build a safe embankment.
  • Excellent friction with soil
  • Excellent weather resistance, chemical resistance, cold / heat resistance and impact resistance


Embankment reinforcement on soft ground

Soft ground treatment (Roll-up reinforcement)

Standard / specification

Standard / characteristics

F type

Product No. Mesh
Quality control strength
Product standard strength
The Limit tensile strength
considering creep
F-80 18×16 2.0 50 80×80 6.0×15.0 75 44
F-100 18×16 2.0 50 100×100 6.0×15.0 90 54
F-150 18×16 2.0 50 150×100 6.0×15.0 145 87
F-200 18×16 2.0 50 200×100 6.0×15.0 180 110
  • * All of the mesh, quality control strength, and elongation rate  indicate “warp x weft”.
  •  * 1 Quality control strength: Standard strength in quality control tests (width of speciment [1 strand] / tensile strain speed [50% / min]) to check quality during product manufacturing under standard test environment
  • * 2 Product standard strength: The base strength for designing reinforced soil with ADEAM, and is the standard strength in performance confirmation tests (test specimen width [wide- width 20 cm] / tensile strain speed [1% / min].

Tensile / creep properties

Quality control strength is the strength per warp strand converted to the strength per 1 m width. Tensile strain speed 50% / min.

ADEAM has excellent characteristics against creep fracture, and the fracture strength after 106 hours is estimated to be near the figure shown above. ADEAM has a small creep strain and can fully exert a reinforcing effect.

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