Reinforced soil wall method/Reinforced embankment method

ADEAM Unit Cap Construction Method and Green Terrace Wall Method

ADEAM Unit Cap Construction Method and Green Terrace Wall Method


Create a slope in harmony with nature,
considering the global environment

The ADEAM Unit Cap Construction Method and Green Terrace Wall Method make reinforced soil wall which connects the “ADEAM” installed in the embankment and the wall surface material (slope unit). It can be applied both of reinforced soil walls with slopes steeper than 1: 0.6 and  more gentle slope than 1: 0.6. The wall surface material has a slope unit and unit caps in order to prevent the wall from buckling or rotation. Since they can use various range of embankment materials, it is possible to use locally generated soil effectively. Furthermore, because the wall surface can be greened, the surface temperature of the wall can be suppressed lower than that of concrete structures such as retaining walls, and it is attracting attention as a global warming prevention method now.

Green Terrace Wall Construction Method is a construction method that connects ADEAM with the steeper gradient wall surface materials than the slope surface and layers them in staircase pattern. It can be applied to various slopes by adjusting the width of the staircase.


Main materials

Geotextile ADEAM for embankment and ground reinforcement

The definite masterpiece of geotextiles for embankment and ground reinforcement that are useful in a variety of applications, HG type.

HG type

Specification / characteristics

Standards / product No.

HG type

Product No. Mesh Size
Quality control strength
Product standard
The Limit tensile strength
(kN / m) considering creep
HG-36 100×28 1.2 30 36 4.5 34 22
HG-50 100×28 1.2 30 50 4.5 47 30
HG-60 100×28 1.2 30 60 4.5 57 37
HG-80 100×28 1.2 30 80 4.5 76 49
HG-100 50×28 1.2 30 100 4.5 93 60
HG-120 50×28 1.2 30 120 4.5 112 72
HG-150 50×28 1.2 30 150 4.5 139 90
HG-200 50×28 1.2 30 200 4.5 185 120
  • * The mesh indicates “warp x weft”
  • * Quality control strength and growth rate both indicate “warp”
  • *1 Standard strength in quality control tests (Specimen width: 1 strand, tensile strain speed : 50%/min) to check the quality during ADEAM®” HG Type production
  • *2 Standard strength in designing reinforced soil which ADEAM®” HG Type is applied. Determined by performance evaluation test (Specimen width : Broad-piece (22.4cm), Tensile strain speed: 1%/min).

Slope unit

inclined wall surface unit(Wall surface material for steep embankments). It strongly restrains the embankment and stabilizes the slope. Vegetate by installing a vegetation sheet with a reinforced restraint net.


Slope unit Specification
Slope unit
(expanded metal)
Unit cap Spine Fixing pin
Connecting metal fittings Inclined wall surface unit
高さ(m) Width(m) Length(m) Length(cm) Length(cm) Length(m) Width(m)
0.5、0.6 1.2 1.2 45、52、58 20 1.2 2.0

Inclined wall surface unit
(Vegetation sheet with reinforced restraint net)

Promotes vegetation settlement growth


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