Fiber Cage Mattress


New Technology Information System (NETIS) Registration Number:KT-200111-A


FIT-CUBE is a fiber cage mattress made of rigid chemical fibers. It is rust free, and durable against high alkali and acid situation. The shape deformation while being lifted is small, and has excellent form stability.


  • Since it can be lifted, it can be filled in a separate yard.
  • Even when lifted, it has less shape deformation and keeps a good shape when installation. It causes no specialists or skilled workers required for filling.
  • Since it can be filled with heavy machinery, the filling time can be shortened.
  • The mesh size is about 40 mm, and filling materials (gravels, etc.) with a diameter of 50 to 200 mm can be used.
  • Since all the materials are chemical fibers, they will not rust.
  • Since it is made of fiber, there is no risk of injury at the edge like iron wire, and it is excellent in safety.
  • Flexible and lightweight compared to iron wire

Standard / specification


Model No. FIT-125


Standards W1000mm×L2000mm×H500mm

Body: Polyester composite
Cover: Polyester
Tensile strength: 36kN / m or more,
String (material) strength: 1440N / string or more
Elongation: 20% or more and 60 % or less

Mesh size

Cover closing rope Polyester (Black spun-dyed yarn)φ6mm
Restraint rope Polyester (Black spun-dyed yarn)φ6mm
Filling material Boulders, gravels, rubbles, concrete lumps
(particle size of 50 to 200 mm), etc.
Capacity 1
Weight 1.4t
product weight 7.0kg

* Filling frame can be rented.
* When lifting, it shall be hung 8 points with a special hook.
* This is a reference value of the indicated weight product which filled with natural stone of a standard specific gravity (2.65) (gravel particle size 50 to about human head size). When using concrete lumps for the filling material, it might be lighter due to its small specific gravity.

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