Functional spunbonded non-woven fabric

Hydrophilic SPLITOP

Hydrophilic SPLITOP


Not only highly hydrophilic, also effective for static electricity prevention

The SPLITOP kneaded the hydrophilic agent into fabric exhibits excellent hydrophilic properties and water permeability. it has no volatile components and can be used in confined spaces safely.


  • Kneading hydrophilic agent into fabric provides long-lasting fire resistance.
  • The permeability coefficient (cm/s) is 6.56 x 10-2(JIS A 1218 compatible). Flow rate is approximately 7L/10cm2 per minute.
  • Made of excellent acid and alkari resistant polypropylene
  • The hydrophilic property reduces static electricity charge.

Hydrophilic effect

Standard SPLITOP

Hydrophilic SPLITOP


  • sheet to prevent dew condensation used inside
    agricultural greenhouses
  • Non-woven fabric for prevention of static electricity
  • Outer wrap material for diapers

Standard / specification

Product No. / Standard

Product No. Mass
(Width cm×Length m)
Color Characteristics
SP-1070E-HY 70 210×1000
Natural Permeability coefficient (cm/s):
6.56 x 10-2(JIS A 1218 compatible)
  • *These values are for reference only and are not guaranteed.
  • *The customised specification of color, width, length, etc. can be quoted at request basis.

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