FRP lattice

FF Grid

FF Grid


Lightweight and corrosion-resistant FRP lattice reinforcement can make the same reinforcing effect as reinforcing steel bar

FF Grid is FRP lattice grid for reinforcement, which is made of impregnated high-performance continuous fibers of carbon with vinyl ester resin and used for repairing and reinforcing concrete structures. By integrating the existing concrete frame with special polymer cement mortar, etc., the same reinforcing effect as a reinforcing steel bar can be expected.


Light weight

Light weight compared to iron


Easy transportation and no need heavy machinery


Since high-strength continuous fibers are molded in a grid pattern, the same reinforcing effect as reinforcing bars can be expected.

Corrosion resistance

Does not rust even in severe corrosive environments

Standard / specification


Product name Product No. Fiber type Nominal
Tensile strength
Modulus of
Lattice spacing
Warp x Weft
FF GRID CG4 High-strength
carbon fiber
4.4 1,400 100,000 50×50
CG6 6.6 50×50
CG11 11.0
CG13 13.2
CG17 17.5
CG26 26.4

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