Bottle Unit + Two-ton Bag, Construction example 1

Site place:

Adopted for temporary construction base

This is a temporary construction base using Bottle Units and Two-ton Bags., For this disaster recovery, we proposed a method of wrapping Two-ton Bags with ADEAM that clears the three points of problems, 1: Shortest construction days, 2: Efficiency of removal, and 3 : Economy, and by installing a high-strength geotextile, it can be a strong structure which withstand the crane load.

Bottle Unit, high-strength geotextile installation

Two-ton Bag, ADEAM installation

Fukushima Prefectural Route 252 Nihongi Bridge Disaster Recovery Project

• Applicable product: Weather-resistant large-sized sandbag “Two-ton Bag (product number: BOS-20N-3PP)”
• Approximate usage quantity (bag): 500
• Applicable product: Net bag for bag-type foot protection Bottle Unit (product number: SBU-20-H)” • Approximate usage quantity (bag): 100
• Applicable products: Geotexitile for embankment and ground reinforcement ADEAM (product number: HG-80)”
• Approximate usage quantity (㎡): 4000
• Applicable products: High-strength geotextiles
• Approximate quantity used (㎡): 150

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