Weather-resistant, large-sized sandbag

Two-ton Bag

  • Disaster prevention material
  • Public Works Research Center “Weather-resistant, Large-sized Sandbag Layered Construction Method” Design and Installation Manual Performance evaluation certification acquired products
  • Weather resistance ability certification No. 1602 (1PF) and No. 1310 (3PF)
  • Japan Weather-resistant Large-size Sand bag Association Qualified products
New Technology Information System (NETIS) Registration Number:KT-060144-V
Two-ton Bag


Weather-resistant, large-sized sandbag, Two-ton Bags are ideal for disaster correspondence storage

Two-ton Bag is the product complying with the quality performance criteria of design and installation manual of “Weather-resistant, Large-sized Sandbag Layered Construction Method”. It shows excellent durability in usage for recovery works from disaster at rivers and roads. It has strong durability against UV, and can be re-moved and re-used after long hours.

Two types of Two-ton Bags are available depending on the support life. It can be selected according to the site situation.


  • The bags have outstanding weather resistance due to the UV ray absorbing agent (carbon black) that is kneaded into the yarn, which controls the degradation of the chemical fibers caused by UV rays.
  • Its volume is 1m3, filling material can be put up to 20kN.
  • In weather resistance accelerated exposure testing (JIS L 1096 Weather resistance, the bags maintain a breaking strength with a sufficient safety factor with regard to a weight of 20kN even after an exposure time corresponding to one to three years.



It is well applied to immediate, tentative and main disaster recovery works.

  1. Suitable for the design and installation of the tentative structure works which less than 3 years for durability life time
  2. It can be used for tentative earth retaining wall works, tentative shore-protection works, tentative coffering works, as  a “weather-resistant, large-sized sandbag”.
  3. For immediate disaster recovery works, standard cross section drawing showed in the “Weather-resistant, Large-sized Sandbag Layered Construction Method” Design and Construction Manual.

*Extract from “Weather-resistant, Large-sized Sandbag Layered Construction Method” Design and Construction Manual <Public Works Research Center>

Application field

  • Disaster recovery works for rivers, roads, coast line and land sliding.
  • Dikes and coffering works
  • Tentative coffering works for changing river channel
  • Construction works
  • Soil saving dike
  • Disaster correspondence storage

  Long term storage    ⇒    Disaster recovery works

* In the disaster that occurred in Fukui Prefecture in 2006 (2006), Two-ton Bags that had been stored for one year with soil were used, and proved their durability.

Standard / specification

Product number/specification

Product name
(durability life time)
Material Size(mm) Volume(m3 Maximum filling mass(kN)
Two-ton Bag
(For 1-year use)
Polypropylene ø 1100×H1100 1.0 20
Two-ton Bag (For 3-years use)

Quality Specification

Two-ton Bag weather-resistant, large-sized sandbag : Table of performance testing result

  1. Quoting “Weather-resistant Large-size Sandbag layer construction method design and installation manual” specification by Public Works Research Center.

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