TightLock II TL-410

Post-installed adhesive anchors

TightLock II TL-410

Post-installed adhesive anchors (cartridge system injection type) “Epoxy acrylate resin”

Supports use with all types of anchors
Cartridge injection type post-installed adhesive anchors

Products Outline


TightLock II TL-410 is a cartridge-type post-installed adhesive anchor in which an epoxy acrylate resin base compound and hardener are injected and installed using a dedicated gun. Because work is possible after drilling holes without requiring tools such as hammer drills, the adhesive can be used for all sizes of bolts and deformed steel bars including U-shaped reinforcing bars and L-shaped reinforcing bars, which were previously difficult to install using capsule-type adhesives. 


  • Due to the utilization of epoxy acrylate resin, hardening occurs even at low temperatures.  
  • Because volatile substances such as styrene are not included, disagreeable odors have been reduced.
  • The high-viscosity type resin also allows support for horizontal and vertical installation.
  • Since the base compound and hardener are differently colored, the mixing condition can be confirmed.
  • Support is possible for all sizes of bolts and deformed steel bars.
  • The adhesive has passed percolation tests as mechanical equipment and materials for use in waterworks.
  • The products are related to the “Quality Housing Component Certification Standards as anchors for improving the use of handrails for preventing falls”, and data has been acquired by the Center for Better Living. 

Application Example

  • All types of post-installed adhesive anchors
  • Fixing anchors
  • Joint bar anchors (L-shaped, J-shaped, U-shaped)
  • Machine mounting anchors
  • Adhesion of concrete, building stone, and metals, etc.
  • Machine foundation anchors
  • Handrail and fence supports 

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