Powerful Unit

River revetment materials

Powerful Unit

Bag Material for Foot Protection Works

Net bag material usable for coastal structure protection, foundation works, foot

  • Confirmation examination for harbor-related commercial technology, and assessment business evaluation technology No.: 13003
  • New Technology Information System (NETIS) Registration No.: CBK-120003-VR

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Powerful Unit/ROCK BAG(NET GABION) is a bag material made using polyester fibers that is light in weight with outstanding durability and workability.

It can be used for foot protection works and as a flood prevention material in emergencies. 


  • All of the raw materials utilized are polyester fibers, so there will be no degradation due to rusting.
  • Because super-thick raschel netting is utilized, the bag material is resistant to rupture.
  • During installation, since the mouth closing part (knot part) does not protrude, the bag has a shape that avoids becoming caught up by driftwood.
  • Because the flexibility required for revetment foundation consolidation work is maintained, the bag shape is able to follow changes occurring in the bottom.In addition, the ability to fit into gaps is also maintained, which is necessary for filling work.
  • For the filling materials, locally generated materials (such as boulders, broken stones and rag stones) and concrete chunks can be used.
  • The netting mesh size is 50-75mm, which allows marine organisms to easily pass in and out. 

Application Example

Used as slope protection material


After installation


After installation

Use as a temporary road


After installation


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