River revetment materials


Weather-resistant Large-size Sandbag

Weather-resistant Large-size Sandbag,
most suitable for disaster prevention stock pile.

  • New Technology Information System (NETIS) Registration No.: KT-060144-V
  • Public Works Research Center “Weather-resistant, Large-sized Sandbag Layered Construction Method” Design and Installation Manual Performance evaluation certification acquired products Weather resistance ability certification No. 1602 (1PF) and No. 1310 (3PF)
  • Japan Weather-resistant Large-size Sand bag Association Qualified products.

Products Outline


Two-ton Bag is the product complying with the quality performance criteria of design and installation manual of "Weather-resistant Large-size Sandbag layer construction method design and installation manual."
It shows excellent durability in usage for recovery works from disaster at rivers and roads.
It has strong durability against UV, and can be re-moved and re-used after long hours.


It has good weather resistance, thanks to carbon black kneaded in the yarn absorbs the ultra violet.

Its volume is 1m3, filling material can be put up to 20kN.

Weather resistance acceleration test result (JIS L 106 weather resistance test) shows that 2t-Bag has good tensile strength retention after equivalent to 3 years of actual weather exposure duration time.

Application Example


It is well applied to immediate, tentative and main disaster recovery works.

1) Suitable for tentative structure works design and installation.
2) It can be used for tentative earth retaining wall works,
 tentative shore-protection works, tentative coffering works,
 as Weather-resistant Large-size Sandbag.
3) For immediate disaster recovery works, standard cross section
 drawing showed in the "Weather-resistant Large-size Sandbag layer construction method design and installation manual."

Application field

  • Disaster recovery works for rivers, roads, coast line and land sliding.
  • Dikes and coffering works
  • Tentative coffering works for changing river channel
  • Construction works
  • Soil saving dike
  • Disaster correspondence storage


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  • Two-ton Bag

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