Social infrastructure business(Agricultural supplies and animal damage control measures)

MIRAI no Agri CO.,LTD.

Grazing and dairy material
Industry expert also solves
all issues of animal damage

Japan's food self-sufficiency rate is on a long-term downward trend and is susceptible to global food supply and demand, while the future of Japan's agricultural production has many destabilizing factors. MIRAI no Agri intends to contribute to the future of Japanese agriculture by expanding its business in agricultural markets further on, utilizing the technologies and know-how cultivated over many years in agricultural and outdoor field, such as animal damage countermeasure products, electric fences, grazing facilities, and green houses, etc.

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Social infrastructure business(Construction Materials)


Design from detailed requirements
and integrated production
from development to delivery

Hundreds of different types of sewing machines and welder welding machines are able to accommodate custom-made products and mass production, that can conduct product design and mass production meeting customer needs. In addition, we have a broad range of procurement, and also joint development among group companies, flexible proposals are possible. Production is handled by craftsmen with extensive experience of more than 50 years of processing of membrane materials. From development to delivery, it is able to offer fine-tuned services and achieve short time delivery with high quality carried out in a single company.


Social infrastructure business(Construction Materials)


Contributing to the development of infrastructure
in Okinawa through integrated
company resources strengths unlike others

OKINAWA KOSEN is engaged in the development and maintenance of infrastructure, mainly in Okinawa. Utilizing a local oriented sales network and MAEDA KOSEN group's diverse product lineup, offering a wide range of services, from proposals at the design stage to the completion of construction at the site. In order to protect the beautiful seas of Okinawa, we contribute to environmental protection through selling and leasing anti-pollution silt protectors.

Social infrastructure business(Construction Materials)

Seven Chemical Inc.

Develop and provide highly functional waterproof materials for outer walls,
based on accurate understanding about the condition of buildings and the characteristics of paints

Seven Chemical is a pioneer of outer wall waterproofing materials, who developed and manufactured "transparent and paint film waterproofing materials" first in the industry, and leads this field continuously up to now. Their products make human life safer and more comfortable, and will solve various problems of exterior materials with the accumulated experience and the flexible sales system.

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Social infrastructure business(Production of fish meal and fish oil)


Utilizes limited fishery resources as feed ingredients,
contributes to the dietary lifestyles of stakeholders

Fish are caught in the coastal water of Kushiro and its out putting residue are being processed as fish meal, fish oil, and fish solutions as fertilizers for agricultural products, using head, midribs, bones, etc. as feed stocks for aquaculture fish. Quality is the key, and the traceability of raw materials, production, inspection records are clarified, and factories and equipment are regularly maintained to keep cleanliness. In addition, in order to improve further safety, it is focusing on additive-free products that do not use any feed additives (anti-oxide agents) meeting user requests.

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Industry infrastructure business(Automotive wheels)

BBS Japan CO.,Ltd.

Quality proven by worldwide
automakers and racing teams

Unique and original manufacturer that continues mass production of wheels only by forging method. Based on the belief creating the world's best wheels, it is refining technology and know-how every day. Many of the wheels manufactured by BBS are supplied to major motorsports end-user companies, also its wheels for general ordinary car vehicle are adopted as genuine proper parts by various automakers brands both in Japan and overseas. By using forging press machine and original production method, it is able to produce ultra-lightweight, ultra-strong forged wheels.

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Industry infrastructure business


Integrated production from yarn
to finished product processing
with high-performance fiber technology cultivated in-house

MIRAI KOSEN has built an integrated production system that uses a wide variety of yarns from yarn processing to weaving, knitting, dyeing, cutting, cleaning, and final products. It offers high-quality products under strict quality control. Many years of know-how and experiences are leveraged in the production of high-performance wiping cloths, apparel, medical materials, and high-level processing products. It provides outsourced processing, and offer the best solution proposals for each production process.


Investment & Consultation business


Contributing to the promotion of innovation
together with investee venture companies

Under the mergers and acquisitions strategy, which is positioned as one of the pillar growth strategy, we are positively expanding our business to create new markets by "mixing" diverse technologies and know-how from different business domains. Maximizing the experience and know-how cultivated through past, we promote "diversity" and "open innovation with venture companies," actualizing synergy with existing business domain. We aim to increase the value of invested company.