Fiber sheets for repairing and reinforcing concrete

High Elongation Fiber Sheet

Railway Technical Research Institute certified construction method Materials for use in the “A&P Seismic Reinforcement Construction Method”

High Elongation Fiber Sheet


Excellent high elongation greatly improves low toughness
of reinforced concrete column members

High Elongation Fiber Sheet is used for Seismic reinforcement of various reinforced concrete column members such as railway viaducts. It is characterized by high strength and high elongation at break, and as a main material for the A & P method, it has an excellent effect on reinforced concrete column members, especially for toughness reinforcement. There are two types of polyethylene terephthalate fiber (PET fiber) and polyethylene naphthalate fiber (PEN fiber).


  • It is made of polyester and has sufficient strength and durability
  • It has high strength and high elongation at break, and does not break easily even when applied the limit energy of high load.
  • Good workability due to lightweight and easy handling
  • The outstanding chemical stability makes the fiber sheets ideal for use in repair and reinforcement as salt damage measures and as acid and alkali resistance measures.


  • Seismic reinforcement for railway viaduct pillars members
  • Seismic reinforcement for construction structure pillars members
  • Rigid frame bridge pier of road bridge

Standard / specification

Product No. /specifications

Product name Product No. Proof stress
Tensile strength
Tensile elasticity
Elongation at break
Base weight
PET fiber sheet PET600 600 740 10±1 7% or more 1,161 0.841
PET900 900 740 10±1 7%or more 1,742 1.262
PEN fiber sheet PEN600 600 790 15±2 5%or more 1,158 0.848
PEN900 900 790 15±2 5%or more 1,737 1.272



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