Geo Rock Wall Dyke II type construction example 2

Site place:

Protecting Mt. Fuji climbers from rockfall disasters

After the rockfall accident occurred at the 5th station of Mt. Fuji Fujinomiyaguchi in July 2009, Geo Rock Wall was adopted as a countermeasure to avoid the accident in terms of workability, maintenance, landscape, and economy. In addition, on the front side surface, the Bio film * hard type made by NatuRock Japan Co., Ltd. was installed. (* Biofilm is a registered trademark of NatuRock Japan Co., Ltd.)


Hit receiver side : Under installation

Hit receiver side : Completed

Frond side : Under construction



Shizuoka Prefecture Mt. Fuji Fujinomiyaguchi rockfall countermeasure work
• Embankment height (m): 4.0 (including lower embankment)
• Approximate construction extension (m): 60.0
• Rockfall diameter (m): D = 1.23
• Converted drop height (m): H = 20.5
• Rockfall energy (kJ): E = 550

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