Fabric Molding Frame


New Technology Information System (NETIS) Registration Number:KK-150054-A


A fiber mat of good followability to the ground unevenness
Lightweight and easy to install.

MODEM forms a plate-like concrete structure by filling with fluid mortar or concrete in its double-layered chemical fiber cloth frame.


  • It can cover a wide area at once.
  • Since MODEM mats are permeable and dehydrate excess water quickly, the construction period can be shortened due to its short curing time.
  • A flexible fiber mat that follows well the unevenness of the ground.
  • It can be installed safely since the lightweight Fabric Molding Frame can be carried easily.
  • Underwater construction is also possible where filling can be done by pumping.

Fabric Molding Frame, MODEM ® introduction video

Types of MODEM

Standard type (type: R)

By injecting material between the double structure fabric to form a plate-like concrete layer, it is easy to build an impermeable layer on site.
* Subject to the watertightness of cast-in-site concrete.

Drainage type (type: D)

The single-layer drainage hole section arranged at regular intervals discharges the pressurized water from the back side, which has the effect of preventing the outflow of soil and sand and stabilizing the ground.

Sheet installation

Mortar injection



Standard type Drainage type
  • Agricultural waterway construction work
  • Harbor revetment work
  • Hillside waterway work
  • Bottom protection work
  • Reservoir/Regulating pond
  • Revetment construction
  • Dam slope protection
  • Three-sided waterworks
  • River revetment slope protection
  • Bridge pier foot protection work
  • Road Slope protection

●Standard type (Regular type: R)

●Drainage type (Drain type: D)

Standard / specification

Product No. / standard

  Average thickness(mm) Injection material Injection amount(m3)
Standard type
(without drainage part)
MM-50R 50 Mortar 6.0
MM-100R 100 Mortar 12.0
MM-150R 150 Mortar 18.0
MM-200R 200 Mortar 23.0
MM-300R 300 Concrete 33.4
MM-500R 500 Concrete 55.7
Drainage type
(with drainage part)
MM-65D 65 Mortar 7.8
MM-100D 100 Mortar 12.0
  • * Gray type is also available
  • * Injection amount is per 100 m2of construction area

Injection mortar composition table (reference)

Unit amount(kg/m3) Water / cement ratio
Flow value
Cement Fine aggregate (coarse sand) Fine skid material
(fine sand)
C S1 S2 W (W/C) 18±3
585 871 372 380 65
  • * The flow value is measured with the P funnel.
  • * Fluidizer will be added depending on the local situation.
  • * The above composition table is for reference only. Consider each composition according to the site conditions (by test kneading) and decide.

Injection concrete standard composition table (reference)

Unit amount(kg/m3) Water / cement ratio
Cement Fine aggregate Fine skid material Water
C S1 G W (W/C) 22±3
370 800 855 215 58
  • * Maximum diameter of coarse aggregate 20 mm or less
  • * Underwater concrete will be mixed separately.
  • * The above composition is for reference only. Please consider and decide (by test kneading) according to the site conditions.