Fire resistant non-woven fabric




Dry type non-woven fabric of special acrylic fiber to achieve excellent heat resistance and fire resistance

Carvone (SC) pursues a soft texture and improves the followability to curved surfaces as a cushioning material. It is a low VOC material and environmental data such as RoHS are also fully prepared. In particular, it is applied as an automobile interior part.


  • Cushioning automotive parts, noise control material
  • Electronic material related item (dust-proof, aesthetics, etc)
  • Various cushioning materials

Standard / specification

Product NO. Mass
(Width cm×Length m)
Color Fire-resistant
SC-025 35 0.25 100×50 Black FMVSS No.302 Compatible (In-house test)
SC-025W White
SC-035 55 0.35 Black
SC-035W White
SC-050 100 0.50 Black
SC-050W White
SC-100 160 1.00 Black UL-94 standard HF-1 approved (In-house test)
SC-150 220 1.50
SC-200 300 2.00
SC-100R 160 1.00 None
SC-150R 210 1.50
SC-200R 300 2.00
  • *These values are for reference only and are not guaranteed.

Rigidity comparison data


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