Flame resistant non-woven fabric




Dry type non-woven fabric of special acrylic fiber to achieve excellent heat resistance and flame resistance

CALBON (CB) uses special acrylic fiber material having heat resistance of about 200°C and excellent flame resistance of LOI (limiting oxygen index) over 50. It has also soft texture differs from inorganic fibers.


  • It can withstand high temperatures of about 200 °C with its heat-resistant fiber.
  • It has an excellent flame resistance with LOI (limiting oxygen index) of 50 or more.
  • It has excellent resistance to organic solvents, and also has high resistance to alkaline conditions.
  • It has a soft texture differs from inorganic fibers such as glass or carbon.


  • Welding spatter curing sheet / spatter scattering prevention curtain, flame shield material, vehicle insulation material, electric power / communication cable fire-spread prevention cloth, packing / gasket and other sealing materials
  • Other asbestos alternative products

Standard / specification

Product No. Mass
(Width cm× Length m)
Color Characteristics
CB-200 200 100×50 Black UL-94 standard V-0 approved (In-house test)
CB-300 300 100×50 Black
  • * The length may be irreguler in some rolls.
  • * The customised specification of width, length, etc. can be quoted at request basis.

Comparison of LOI with various organic fibers

Comparison of LOI with various organic fibers LOI is the minimum oxygen volume fraction (JIS K7201) required to maintain combustion, and the higher the value, the higher the flame resistance.


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