Dry type non-woven fabric




A wide variety of dry type non-woven fabrics
used for various purposes including industrial materials.

BONNIP is a dry type non-woven fabric made from synthetic fibers, chemical fibers, natural fibers, etc. Some are manufactured by the chemical bond process or needle punching process, while others are processed by other methods after needle punching. BONNIP is used in a wide range of applications mainly in the industrial field, such as automobile materials.

Points of this product

BONNIP is a dry type non-woven fabric with a wide variety of materials mainly made of polyester. It has a wide lineup of base weights and can be chosen the appropriate type according to the request.


There are many variations of BONNIP by the differences in raw materials and manufacturing methods. The types with enhanced flame retardancy and elasticity are also available.

Application chart

BONNIP Flowchart

Material variations

Leather type

Cloth type

Cotton type

Paper type


  • Cushioning material for industrial use
  • Various industrial filters
  • Clothing materials

Standard / specification

Product No. / specification

NLT series

Product No. Mass (g/m2) Dimension
(Width cm× Length m)
Color Characteristics
NLT1100BT-BK 105 100×150 Black Dry type non-woven fabrics with polyester
NLT10120PS 120 100×100 White
NLT10135B 135 100×100 White
NLT10140S 140 100×100 White
NLT10160-5 160 100×100 White
NLT10300-G 300 100×50
NLT10400B 400 100×25 White


Product No. Mass
(Width cm× Length m)
Color Characteristics
HB250 250 100×150 White Dry type non-woven fabrics with polyester Rigid type
HB650-BK 650 100×20 Black
N1211-BK 120 100×100 Black Dry type non-woven fabric mixed with polyester and rayon
N1511-BK 150 100×100 Black
NLST55120PS 120 100×50 White
SP20145A 145 100×150 White
SP20145A-BK 145 100×150 Black
TR-160 165 100×200 White
P-160 160 100×50 White Fire resistant processed product
  • * The length may be irreguler in some rolls.
  • * The customised specification of width, length, etc. can be quoted at request basis.

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