Garbage / floating grass / driftwood prevention fence

OK Net Fence

OK Net Fence


Protect equipment from driftwood,
shut out jellyfish at the beach

OK Net Fence protects the intake facilities of rivers and dams from dust, floating grass and driftwood, and is also used to prevent the invasion of jellyfish and sharks at beaches and fishing grounds. The depth, material, texture, etc. of the net can be specified according to the usage conditions. Excellent workability due to the lightweight.

Main installation location

Intakes of dams, waterworks, factories, power plants, beaches, fishing grounds, etc., Click here for supplementary materials

Click here for supplementary materials

Standard / specification


Product number Floats Float cover Net
Diameter x Water depth(mm) Material



Tensile strength







Net length


OKN-150 ø150 Expanded polystyrene 0.7 1,350 or more PVC tarpaulin 25×25 ø2.4 500 Polyethylene
OKN-200 ø200
OKN-300 ø300 0.9 1,961 or more 1,000
OKN-400 ø400 1.0 2,941 or more 48×48 ø5.0 1,500
OKN-600 ø600 2,000
  • * Any combination of net length, material, mesh, and diameter can be used.
  • * Depth 3m ~, diameter ø2.0 to 6.0mm to prevent jellyfish and sharks from entering.

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