Driving type post-installed adhesive anchor





Easy installation with a hammer
Styrene-free epoxy acrylate resin capsule anchor

BOLTMATE HC is an environmentally, human-friendly, double-sealing type driving type adhesive anchor with excellent adhesion, workability, and storage stability, by the result of adopting styrene-free epoxy acrylate resin and reviewing the structure. Quality control is easy due to the printed expiration date on its glass capsule.


  • It is a product that uses styrene-free resin, has less unpleasant odor during construction, and is friendly to the human body and the environment.
  • By using epoxy acrylate resin, it has excellent adhesive strength and alkali resistance.
  • Excellent storage stability due to the adoption of double closure type
  • It has low striking resistance and can be easily installed by striking with a hammer.
  • Bolts and deformed steel bars can be installed as a flush cut form.
  • Deformed anchor bars (U, L, U-shaped, etc.) can also be installed.
  • Obtained product certification from JCAA (JAPAN CONSTRUCTION ANCHOR ASSOCIATION)
  • Applicable up to 2 capsules in 1 hole
  • Since the curing agent is not applied to the outside of the glass tube, the curing agent will not be chipped during transportation.

Installation procedure

Installation movie


Joint bar, pipe support, L-shaped, U-shaped bar, fixing concrete frame, concrete block reinforcement, car stop, machine foundation and fence installation, etc.

Standard / specification

BOLTMATE HC Anchor bar Reference drilling conditions Maximum tensile load(kN)
Allowable tensile load(kN)
Product No. Outer diameter x length (mm) Amount(ml) Diameter(mm) Depth(mm) Long term Short term
HC-10N 10.75×89 6 D10 12.5 90 36.8 9.1 13.7
M10,W3/8 12
HC-13N 13.0×110 11.2 D13 16 110 80.6 13.7 20.6
M12,W1/2 15
HC-16N 16.75×125 20 D16 20 140 116 22.2 33.3
M16,W5/8 19
HC-19N 20.5×155 40.7 D19 25 170 167 32.9 49.4
M20 24
W3/4 23
  • *The maximum tensile load is a test value obtained by a public institution when using deformed reinforcing bar under the standard drilling conditions, and is not a standard value. (By JCAA Post-installed adhesive anchors test method)
  • *Allowable tensile load is a calculated value determined by concrete failure when deformed reinforcing bar are used under standard construction conditions. Compare with the allowable load of the anchor bar, and set the weaker one as the allowable load.
  • *It is JCAA certified product. For the details of the product certification, please contact to sales representative.

Curing time

The curing time of BOLTMATE HC depends on the temperature. Refer to the table below when using.

Temperature(°C) -10 -5 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40
Curing time(minutes) 396 252 126 66 42 30 21 17 13 8 6
  • It is recommended to warm the capsule before use as the casting resistance increases at low temperatures. (However, never exceed 40°C
  • * When constructing at 0°C or lower, rotate the anchor bar 5 times immediately after driving the anchor bar.


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