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Personal Information Protection Policy

MAEDAKOSEN Co., Ltd. (known below as this company) respects the privacy of its customers, and protects personal information from customers according to the following basic policy.

President and Representative Director Takahiro Maeda

Declaration relating to the protection of personal information

  1. When acquiring personal information from customers, this company shall specify the purpose of use as far as practicable before acquiring the required extent of personal information.
  2. This company shall utilize the personal information from customers, limited to the minimum extent of information required to achieve the purpose of use. In cases where it becomes necessary to utilize the personal information beyond this extent, this company shall obtain the agreement of customers regarding the utilization with the exception of cases permitted under law.
  3. This company shall appoint an administrator for the handling of personal information from customers and will strive to manage the information appropriately such as by preventing illegal access to the personal information and avoiding personal information loss, destruction, alteration or leaks.
  4. With the exception of cases where agreement has been obtained from the customer or when permitted under law, this company shall not provide the personal information from customers to third parties. In the cases where personal information from customers is provided to third parties, the provided information shall be limited only to the minimum extent necessary, the third party that the information is supplied to shall have an obligation under an agreement to administer the personal information, and appropriate supervision shall be implemented.
  5. In cases where a customer wishes to make enquiries or revisions regarding the customer’s personal information, this company shall promptly comply with the customer’s request over a reasonable extent.
  6. In addition to complying with the applicable laws and standards relating to personal information, this company shall review the implementation of the items described above as required and shall make improvements.

Regarding the handling of personal information


MAEDAKOSEN Co., Ltd. (known below as this company) respects the privacy of its customers, and recognizes that the careful protection of personal information from customers is a major responsibility. In addition to complying with the laws relating to personal information protection, this company will implement activities on its website according to the following stance in relation to the handling of personal information.

1.Purpose of using the personal information

When personal information is obtained from customers, the information shall be utilized by this company for the purpose of answering or responding to enquiries or requests from customers, or for clarifying matters in advance when customers submit the personal information.

Additionally, the personal information after provision shall be utilized such as for giving notification of information relating to new products and services in this company’s business.

This company shall not utilize the personal information from customers for purposes other than the above-mentioned proper purposes without obtaining their permission.

2.Disclosure to third parties

This company shall not disclose or provide the personal information obtained from customers to third parties other than in the following situations.

  1. When information is disclosed to one of this company’s Group companies in order to enable this company to give an appropriate answer or response in relation to the details of an enquiry or request received from a customer.
  2. When disclosure is made with regard to this company’s subcontracted or allied companies, limited to the required use of the personal information cited in the description above.
  3. When provision to third parties is permitted based on law, or according to other personal information protection laws.
  4. When agreement has been received from the customer.

3.Personal information items acquired

This company shall acquire personal information including the customer’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, place of employment, and assigned position through the receiving of applications on this company’s website requesting the sending of materials, or from enquiries submitted by customers to this company.

4.Personal information disclosure, amendment, and deletion

When customers desire the disclosure, amendment, or deletion of the personal information that they provided, this company shall comply promptly over a reasonable extent. Persons wishing to request the disclosure, etc. of the personal information possessed by this company should download the following Request Form (A). After filling in all the stipulated items on the form, the request should then be sent to the contact address described below, enclosing document (B) which confirms the identity of person making the request.

MAEDAKOSEN Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department
38-3 Okinunome, Harue-cho, Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture, 919-0422 Japan

(A)This company’s designated Request Form
個人情報開示等申請書 *リンク切れ* (79.19 kB)

(B)Document confirming the identity of the person making the request
One duplicate of an official document such as a driver’s license or a passport.

Requests such as for information disclosure will require confirmation of the identity of the person making the request, and will only be accepted by post. Note in advance that requests will not be accepted by telephone or e-mail.

In addition, requests such as for disclosure will require payment of a commission of 500 yen for each application. Please enclose postage stamps worth 500 yen together with the request documentation.

5.Safety measures

This company shall diligently strive to realize the safe administration and management of the personal information from customers, and shall implement practical and appropriate safety measures with regard to preventing the risk of illegal access to the personal information from external sources or the loss, destruction, alteration or leaking of the personal information.

  • In addition to appointing an administrator and thoroughly implementing management in the division which handles the personal information, in-house stipulations are prepared and thoroughly implemented with regard to the handling of personal information, and nondisclosure agreements are concluded between the company and all its employees.
  • The personal information is protected using a system that can only be accessed by a limited number of responsible persons to prevent the occurrence of accidents or leaks of information.
  • All of the computers installed inside the company have virus detection software installed to prevent the entry of viruses from external sources.

6.Utilization of cookies

Cookies are pieces of information which are used to make it more convenient to view this company’s website when customers visit this company’s website again. They do not violate customer privacy, and do not exert an adverse influence on the customer’s computer.

In this company, there may be cases where data such as overall trends and patterns relating to viewing behavior on this company’s website included in cookies is collected from visitors to this company’s website. The collected information is utilized by this company for analyzing access trends (including companies commissioned by this company to carry out survey and analysis work) in order to provide a better customer service.

In addition, please be assured that the collected information will be handled as confidential information, similar to the personal information from customers. Even if customers implement settings in which cookies are not accepted, customers will still be able to utilize this company’s website.

7.Supervision of subcontractors

In cases where this company commissions work involving the handling of personal information to subcontractors, the commissioning will be limited to companies with which non-disclosure agreements have been concluded in order to prevent illegal use or leaks of the personal information.

8.Revisions and applicable scope of this policy

Because revisions may be made to the details of this policy, please periodically confirm the policy contents.

In addition, the applicable scope of this policy is within the extent of this company’s website at However, note that this company will not accept any responsibility regarding the privacy protection of other websites that may be linked from this company’s website, so please confirm the privacy policies of each of these websites.

9.Administrator of the personal information

The personal information that has been provided shall be administered with responsibility by the following person.

MAEDAKOSEN Co., Ltd. General Affairs Department Manager

10.Contact for enquiries relating to personal information

For requests and enquiries relating to the handling of personal information that has been provided by customers, please contact the following.

MAEDAKOSEN Co., Ltd.   General Affairs Department
Phone: +81-776-51-9577