OK Oil Fence BT

Harbor and river pollution prevention fences

OK Oil Fence BT

Oil spill diffusion prevention fence for rivers (Bottom tension type)

Exhibits a diffusion preventing effect even in locations subject to currents

  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Type approved products

Products Outline


For oil spill accidents occurring in rivers, the Oil Fence BT is a bottom tension type oil fence that exhibits a diffusion preventing effect even in locations subject to currents. 


  • Because the fence utilizes a structure in which the mooring rope holds the lower edge of the skirt, the skirt will not float up under the effect of currents and the captured oil will be unable to escape.
  • Since the fence does not incorporate weights and is therefore light in weight, it will be possible to easily implement transportation, installation, and removal by a small number of people. 

Application Example


By using a bridge or lead-weighted throwing rope, pass the end of the OK Oil boom BT across to the opposite bank, and after extending the fence recover the captured oil using oil absorbing mats or oil recovery equipment.