OK Silt Fence

Harbor and river pollution prevention fences

OK Silt Fence

Polluted water diffusion prevention fence

Avoids polluting water during river and harbor construction work
Wide variation of pollution prevention membranes available

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OK Silt Fence is polluted water diffusion prevention fences that prevent the spread of polluted water generated during civil engineering construction work in harbors, coastlines, rivers and lakes to minimize adverse effects on the environment. The polyester curtain prevents the diffusion of silt (fine particles of soil) which cause water pollution. The products are available for sale or rental, which can be selected according to the required usage period.


OK Silt Fence fixed system suspended type

This is the most often used fence type, which is actively utilized for preventing pollution diffusion during harbor, coastline and river construction work. It is possible to select the float shapes and diameters according to the usage environment. The floats are covered with high-strength PVC tarpaulin, and a higher level of strength and durability is realized by using reinforcing belts having a low expansion and contraction ratio, reliable sewing technology, etc.

Main installation locations: Harbors, coastlines, rivers, lakes and marshes during revetment and facility construction work

In the arrangement of the floats, there are connected float types which have continuity providing a moderate wave-absorbing ability, and non-connected float types which use “openings” to disperse and reduce the pressure from tidal currents.


Curtain connection methods: Integrated type and separated type

OK Silt Fence fixed system self-supporting type

The curtain is fixed to H-section steel on the bottom of the sea, and supports itself under the water. These fences are mainly used in civil engineering construction work at depths of 15m or greater to prevent the diffusion of pollution generated close to the sea bed. By using in combination with suspended type fences, a higher pollution diffusion prevention effect is obtained.

Main installation locations: Large harbors with water depths greater than 15m, etc.

Example of a combined installation of a fixed system self-supporting type fence and fixed system suspended type fence 

OK Silt Fence float-and-sink system suspended type

By inflating and releasing the air in the rubber floats, it is possible to float and submerge the fence in a short period of time. Not only does this allow the entry and exit of construction vessels, but it protects the fence from damage by allowing it to be submerged during bad weather conditions such as typhoons.。

Main installation locations: Harbors and coastlines where there is frequent entry and exit of construction vessels


OK Silt Fence grab frame type

These silt fences are specialized for use with grab vessels utilized in dredging construction work. In addition to preventing pollution diffusion while moving the sites even for construction work extending over large areas, the fences will be effective for scouring prevention if the fences are installed around jetties or pier foundations.

Main installation locations: In harbors, coastlines, rivers, lakes and marshes, jetties, pier foundations, etc. during dredging or riprap construction work


OK Silt Fence rental service information

For pollution diffusion prevention during short-period construction work, the OK Silt Fence rental service can be used.

For customers who only require the use of OK Silt Fences for a fixed construction period, MAEDAKOSEN is offering a rental service relating to the products described below. Not only does this enable limiting of the total cost compared to the case of purchasing the product, but the trouble of maintaining and administering the product after use will not be required.

※In principle, rental products will be delivered on vehicles. Cranes, etc. should be arranged separately.
※In cases such as when installation or removal work or mooring materials are necessary, separate estimates will be provided

Shape300PolyesterUnconnected typeø300Expanded polyethylene
OKS-300B300Connected typeø300

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