Bottle Unit

River revetment materials

Bottle Unit

Bag materials for bag-type foundation consolidation construction work

Bag materials for foundation consolidation construction work that have the ability to follow changes in the river bottom,
and are able to fit into uneven and irregular parts and gaps.

  • Naturnaher Wasserbau (Near-natural river engineering) product

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The Bottle Unit/ROCK BAG(NET GABION) is a double-layer raschel netting structure bag material made from polyester fibers. It can be used by filling with materials such as boulders, broken stones, rag stones and concrete chunks that are generated at the site. The bag shape adequately maintains the ability to follow changes occurring in the river bottom, which is required for revetment foundation consolidation work, and also the ability to fit into gaps, which is required for filling work.

According to the amounts of filling materials, selection can be made from four types of bags containing 1, 2, 3, and 4t. 


During installation, the mouth closing part (knot part) does not protrude, so that when installed in rivers the bag shape will not easily become caught up by flotsam.

The bags have outstanding weather resistance, chemical resistance, resistance to cold and heat, and shock resistance.

Due to the double structure net and the 25mm mesh spacing, even if ruptures occur in a number of locations, the structure will prevent the filling materials from escaping.

Because mechanical installation is mainly used both in the filling work and in the placement work, it will be possible to shorten the construction period.

By using underwater lifting jigs, underwater installation will also be simple. 


3t bag


Mouth closing part


Temporary working platform (1)


Temporary working platform (2)

河川護岸 根固め工①

River revetment foundation consolidation construction work (1) 

河川護岸 根固め工②

River revetment foundation consolidation construction work (2) 

Application Example


Revetment and bridge pier foundation consolidation construction work and river bed protection work


Temporary road foundation construction work


Revetment and bridge pier foundation consolidation construction work and scouring prevention

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