Carbon Fiber Sheets (One-direction, two-direction)

Concrete structure repair and reinforcing materials

Carbon Fiber Sheets (One-direction, two-direction)

Fiber sheets for repairing and reinforcing concrete

High-strength fiber sheets for seismic reinforcement, load resistance strengthening and peeling prevention.

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Carbon fiber sheets are fiber sheets for repairing and reinforcement of concrete structures using carbon fibers which have around one quarter the specific gravity of iron and an approximately 10 times greater tensile strength. They are affixed to existing concrete materials, and are further strengthened by bonding between the fibers using an impregnating adhesive resin. They exhibit the same effect as increasing the iron reinforcing bar amount using carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) forming. 


  • The 200-300g mass per unit product improves the carbon fiber linearity and resin impregnating ability using a double mesh structure.
  • The 400-600g mass per unit product is a knit type which exhibits a favorable resin impregnating ability. 

Application Example

Seismic reinforcement for road bridge piers and structural columns

Reinforcement of bridge beams, structural crossbeams and structural slabs Floor slab durability improvement 

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