Corporate Philosophy

For the realization of ideal social figure as it should be, Maeda Kosen is putting into practice five action guidelines as its mission.


Corporate Philosophy

  • Basic philosophy : Good connection with a person and the person is the base and goal of nature.
  • Management philosophy : We contribute to a sustainable Earth and the creation of a secure, bountiful society through our unique wisdom and technology.
  • Action guidelines ―“Five MDK virtues”, “ Benevolence” and“ Inseparability of knowledge and practice.”
  1. Both people and corporation should live straight. -Justice
  2. 2. Infinite possibility should be sought without being afraid of making a mistake.-Courage
  3. 3. The true nature of a field should be discerned in and at the field, it shall be changed, improved with and by full commitment of individual.-Sincerity
  4. 4. Create new products that are found nowhere by and through methods never been   tried before.-Wisdom
  5. 5. Both people and corporation should continue new learning.-Courtesy

Putting into practice five action guidelines