Business Introduction and Technology

Infinite possibility should be sought without being afraid of making a mistake.

Core Technologies


MAEDAKOSEN Co., Ltd., which has its origins in an artificial silk weaving factory, evolved from the discovery of “civil engineering” as a new area of opportunities for fibers. Ever since its founding, the company has delivered a multiplicity of high added-value products to society while searching for the diverse possibilities hidden in fibers.

As part of these activities, the company established “geosynthetics” by fusing the characteristics of civil engineering technologies and fibers.

As the pioneering company in this field in Japan, MAEDAKOSEN has consolidated its standing by providing product groups consisting of civil engineering materials and industrial materials through making free use horizontally throughout the Group of technologies with fibers at their core, ranging over many fields including “resin forming technologies”, “new material combination technologies” and “fiber processing technologies”, thereby making a great contribution to the creation of a society that is secure, safe and bountiful. In the future MAEDAKOSEN will continue to develop and lead new technical fields while matching the unceasing evolution of scientific technology in an effort to respond to the advanced needs received from society.

Business fields

The main business field of this company consists of areas relating to infrastructure preparation and maintenance through manufacturing and selling civil engineering materials. In these areas corresponding to the MAEDAKOSEN Group’s “Social Infrastructure Business”, the Group is providing useful and high value products for realizing disaster prevention and disaster reduction, environmental preservation and a recycling-oriented society in order to contribute to creating national land that is resistant to natural disaster, to maintain the beauty of the land, and to preserve the Earth’s environment.

In addition, the Group is also developing the manufacture, processing and sales of industrial materials using various types of fibers as the raw materials in its “Industrial Infrastructure Business”, and has also entered the automobile wheel market through merger and acquisition. As well as aiming to boost the growth of the MAEDAKOSEN Group one stage further by making use of the advanced manufacturing know-how and brand recognition of BBS Wheels as a new business pillar, the Group is also searching for epoch-making new innovation possibilities through forming unexpected cooperation and combinations between the different fields to realize the ideal form for humanity in the Group’s “Human Infrastructure Business”.

"Social infrastructure business", "Industry infrastructure business", "Human infrastructure business"

Technology introductions

Create new products that are found nowhere by and through methods neve rbeen tried before.

We ascertain the things that are really necessary and create new technology andmethods based on fresh concepts.
This spirit of inquiry is delivering reliable solutions to diverse problems of society.

RC floor slab underside overlay reinforcing installation method (Magne Line PSR installation method)


The Magne Line PSR installation method is an overlay installation method that integrates reinforcing steel bars arranged on the underside of a floor slab with the existing floor slab using polymer cement (Magne Line Type II).
Because construction is implemented from the underside of the floor slabs, it will be possible to leave the upper part open to traffic, and this installation method has passed performance evaluations (including vibration testing and filling efficiency testing) in the Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Association’s Japan Construction Method and Machinery Research Institute.
In addition, the Magne Line Type II which is used in this installation method is a material that has been highly evaluated in public institutions with regard to its performance including “section repair performance”, “durability performance”, and “dynamic performance” which are required in the “spraying method” and “plastering method” of the sectional repair construction method.

Development of reinforcing earth wall maintenance administration method

In the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the building of a maintenance cycle consisting of “inspection and diagnosis, measure implementation, recording, (followed by next inspection)” is very important in order to efficiently and effectively develop activities relating to the maintenance administration and renewal of road structures including the regulation of inspection standards and the formulation of regular inspection procedures.
In MAEDAKOSEN, validity verification has been implemented and the effectiveness confirmed in joint research together with the Public Works Research Institute, the Nippon Expressway Research Institute Company Limited, universities and 11 private companies with regard to two technologies known as “MEMS sensors” and “Sensor Adeam” which contribute to the simplification of “inspection” and “diagnosis” in this maintenance cycle.


Bag-type foundation consolidation installation method (Powerful Unit)


Riprap and concrete blocks were previously used as mound-encasing materials and foundation consolidation work in coastlines and oceans. However, because the output of large-sized riprap has declined in recent years, development of materials that can utilize easily obtainable rag stones having sizes around that of a human head has been sought.
MAEDAKOSEN therefore developed the “Powerful Unit” with enhanced abrasion resistance and weather resistance by further strengthening the netting of bag materials made from fibers which are mainly used in revetment work along rivers so that they can also be used on coastlines where there is concern about fiber abrasion and degradation due to infrared radiation. Hydraulic horizontal type testing was conducted in joint research together with the Disaster Prevention Research Institute of Kyoto University, confirming the stability with regard to wave action and the soil draw-out prevention in the case where it is used in foundation consolidation work.

High function resin sheet for wind protection, snow protection and sand protection (WSS Leno Sheets)


Particularly in regions subject to high winds, wind protection fences are installed as countermeasures for storms in addition to securing a comfortable, secure and safe housing environment and road traffic. In regions subject to snowfall these wind protection fences are also made use of as snow protection fences for securing visibility when driving vehicles, and in coastal regions these fences are utilized as sand protection fences to limit windblown sand from sandy beaches.
These high-function resin sheets for wind, snow and sand protection (having wind shielding rates of 60% and 74%) differ from the steel fences and polycarbonate fences that were previously available because they not only offer outstanding visibility, landscaping and durability, but are also extremely light in weight, have good workability and additionally have a good maintenance ability due to the fact that dirt does not stand out.